Monday, June 02, 2008

You want to stay, I know you do, Ain't no use to try but I'll be here and I'm just like you. Everybody dies.

Hillary's time is getting short. I hate to see her go. Not because I think she would be a good President. I don't. This primary campaign has been a great thing for the Democratic Party. They have been examining aspects of our society and our political system that people normally shy away from. If the Democratic Party is going to move forward into a leadership position in this nation, they must get their minds right about the existence of sexual, racial and economic inequality in this country. These are not the kind of problems that are going to ever get solved. People want to hate, they're going to hate. People want to abuse and victimize those unable to protect themselves, they will. There's always going to be two ends of the stick. No law, no social program, no intellectual enlightenment gonna ever change that.

The Democrats are the Big Tent party. Their coalition makes the Republican coalition seem like child's play. Large segments of the party don't agree on major issues. Large segments are prone to voting for Republicans in any given election. Worst of all, huge portions of the Democratic demographic are prone to never voting at all, due to apathy, poverty, lack of education and because they are reticent about doing anything that would bring the overt attention of the establishment down upon themselves.

We need to start trying some new approaches to our problems in this country. The old ones aren't working. I don't think anyone ever wanted or expected them to.

An issue that nobody is addressing is cultural inequality. The sad fact is that we can only celebrate diversity for so long. At some point we must identify unacceptable aspects of our various cultural heritages and remove them. Remove them so that our children aren't hamstrung in their development into successful members of our society. Remove them so that our environment is a safer, cleaner, more enjoyable place to live. You can't have good schools if the children beat, rape and kill each other. Women will never have equality as long as the accepted sexual behavior in society depends on the perceived inequality of the sexes. Different races and cultures will never live and work together when those cultures are so different that the most mundane interactions between us routinely result in offense and assault.

We're not where we need to be in this country. Our minds aren't right. We aren't going anywhere the way we are.