Friday, June 06, 2008

DOW Down 400, Oil up 10, Today

Benny B, talking tough to a Harvard crowd this week, said he would fight inflation by doing what? Nothing! George Bush, in an unscheduled speech, this morning, in response to the biggest monthly jump in unemployment since 1986, cited what as the reason? Graduating high school seniors! Some big fat fuck airline CEO, lamenting the 10 buck increase per barrel in oil, TODAY, said that Congress must intervene. AND DO WHAT?

It is no wonder America is flushing down the toilet. Our leaders are RETARDS and nobody seems to notice. If you're just going to sit there and beat your meat, while these guys dismember you and sell you off to the knackers, you deserve your fate.

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beebs said...

The problem is Congress. The Solution is to vote them out. Of course, they mean the other guys congressman.

Barbara Lee Speaks for me!

who missed the last election.