Wednesday, June 11, 2008

He'd make a good puppy killer

Bush feels more strongly than ever that his invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq were the right thing to do and that a strong American military presence will be necessary for the foreseeable future. He feels that Iran poses a threat to World peace and would like to invade them. He regrets every American death he has caused in the Middle East but does not regret his decision to send the troops over there. He makes no claim to regret any of the million plus deaths the countries of the Middle East have sustained because of the American invasions. He believes that because he has used bellicose and aggressive rhetoric in his pursuit of military intervention, people wrongly believe he is insensitive and a warmonger.

The animal control authority in my county destroys unwanted kittens and puppies by putting them in a decompression chamber and exploding their internal organs. Finding people to do it and still maintain a positive self image must be difficult. Bush proves it's not that difficult.

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