Monday, June 02, 2008

No Ads

I went out and got the LA Times off the driveway this morning. At first I thought that one or more sections must be missing from my delivery. That was not the case. It was the smallest Times I have ever seen. I checked and everything was there, nor did they seem to have decreased the normal news and feature content. It quickly became apparent what the reason for it's decrease in girth and weight was. No advertising. No inserts. No full pagers. Just a few small teasers around the edges of the text on some of the back pages, below the fold. You know. Plastic surgery. Male enhancement. Aluminum siding.

I believe the retail sector may be a little depressed.

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beebs said...

I don't read dead trees anymore. I quit subscribing to a newspaper back in 2000 or so. I can get near real time news from the internet, and the quality of the news feeds ["rough and tumble" is one I would recommend for all Californians] is exceptional.

So if I see something on cable news, I check the news feeds to see if they have details.

Big city newspapers are dying. Look at their classified ads sections on a Wednesday, say. It's empty.