Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dead Man Walking

General Motors has announced initial price increases on it's 2009 models of 3.5%. Concurrently, they announced plans to shutdown four more plants and drastically cut production at remaining US assembly plants.

Any of you lusting after that new Aztec wagon or Sunbird convertible, better snap one up quick, because GM will be out of business by Christmas. There are not enough car buying World War II veterans left, to keep them in business.

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beebs said...

GM should be toast.

I had a Pontiac J2000 with a cheap 50 cent clutch-ignition interlock switch that failed as I was headed to PA to be married.

It took me a half hour to figure out what was wrong, and another hour to walk to a store to get a pair of snips to wire it solid.

Boy, was I pissed. I wrote the head of GM and told him I would never buy American metal again.

Just remembering it pisses me off.