Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Best Thing For America

I'm starting to wonder about the likely shakeout after the mid term elections in November.

If the Republicans realize their fondest hopes, they will take back both the House and Senate. I'm not sure that will be enough. The Republicans have now split into two factions, Moderates and Tea Party Express. The real danger for the Republicans lies not in the potential strength of the Lefty vote but the Right.

If enough of the Tea Party candidates win legislative office in November, will the Republicans be able to hold their voting block together? Those moderate Republicans who win their seats, will be the ones able to do so not by resisting the onslaught of Democratic challengers but against Tea Party candidates from their own party. It may be the Right Wing that they feel more threatened by in future elections than the Left. Those Tea Party candidates who win will have taken their seats not from serious Democratic Party opponents but from more moderate Republicans.

If Barry O continues to support populist legislation and policies, the monolithic Republican block may be broken and that may be the best thing for America.

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Contrary said...

I would like to see 3 parties in the U.S. The Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, and the Moderate Party. We would have more choice in where we want to go. And the radicals on the left and right would be somewhat marginalized.