Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Isn't a Nanny Some Kind of Goat?

A lot of people believe we live in a nanny state. I have a hard time with that.

Most people cheat on their taxes if they can, not a few live completely in the underground economy. Huge numbers of illegal aliens live and work here and the government is powerless to do anything about it. Most drugs that are any fun are either illegal or supposedly strictly controlled by prescription, yet any drugs a person can yearn for are available to anyone with money, 24-7. The only authority law enforcement have, they get through fear and intimidation. Can you really say you respect officers of the law or believe the courts are fair? The government is no longer able to enforce a military draft. They know if they tried, few would show up and if forced to serve, would do so grudgingly and ineffectually. Most people hate politicians and government that are reduced to pandering and bribery to get any support at all and government itself is only responsive to the pandering and bribery of moneyed special interests.

Maybe that whole nanny state thing has to do with unlimited free pornography on the web. I kind of get that.

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