Thursday, August 12, 2010

Repeal 14

I have often wondered why the Right has not targeted the provision of the 14th amendment that gives citizenship to any child born on American soil for for deletion. Now it seems as if they might be coming around to that.

Two things to consider. It will take a major expenditure of time, money, political capital and manpower to accomplish, that could be spent on other things. The other, citizenship for American born children of illegals provides a demographic safety valve. Membership in the underclass of illegal immigrants, no matter how much it may continue to grow, can currently only last one generation. That may turn out to have been a very healthy thing and if it goes away a very unhealthy one.

Anyway. It will be fun to watch what the Wingnuts do with it.

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Steve Harkonnen said...

If an illegal woman drops a baby in the US, she has a choice:

1. Give up the child for adoption and go back to Mehico;

2. Keep the child and go back to Mehico.