Monday, August 23, 2010

Thanks for the call, Lee

25% of my regular readership have contacted me regarding the paucity and shoddy quality of postings here recently. I am abashed.

I don't know what to say. It's not the World's fault. There's as much going on out there as ever. So it must be me.

As a sop, I have reworked a previously discarded draft in which I kick myself around a little. I had decided it was too whiny. It's still too whiny. I put it up anyway. Enjoy, who knows when there will be more. When my muse returns, so will the writing.

I'm still looking around for cheap tickets to the Seawolf crew reunion in Branson, Oct 7-11. I kind of want to go but only if I can do it really cheap. I found one R/T flight for $166 total on cheapo carrier, Alliegent, if I only take a carry on but it gets in to BKG late Friday night instead of early Thursday, so I would, in effect miss the first 2 days and then I have to stay over an extra night after it's over. My experience with these things tells me the big drinking night will be Friday and what's the point of even going if I miss that and the next cheapest flight is $325, so I'll keep looking for awhile. I still have some time.

I've been trolling fundamentalist Christian sites and leaving inflammatory comments, since I've already poured gasoline down all the ant hills in back of my house and lit them up. My favorite is a Righty Canadian Newspaper, The National Post. They have a real nice religion section. Their motto is, "Get Down On Your Knees And Blog". If you want to see, go here. I'm posting over there under one of my many online alias', JOHNNY VO. If you want to read my best comments, you have to check often because especially lately, they've been deleting them almost as fast as I can think them up. They haven't blocked my IP yet, like the rest of them though, God Bless'em.

That's it for now.

Seeya on down the pike, shipmates.


Steve Harkonnen said...

We bloggers get into ruts sometimes. Maybe that's all you are going through. But I think it's supposed to go both ways in the visits n all...that makes it work, then more peeps come to your blog, etc.

Anonymous said...

But, it isn't christian to bait christians, is it?

I have been feeling better ever since I ditched the whole jeebus and his invisible buddy who lives in the sky business.

I can actually say, "I'm a buddhist." and that really throws people off.

Anyhow, ramblingboy, posting sporadically is okay. My posts ebb and flow also.

anarchist *and* buddhist.