Thursday, August 05, 2010

Moving Day

The guy next door to me moved out yesterday. He bought the place a little less than 5 years ago. He ended up taking a quarter of a million dollar bath on it. That doesn't count the extensive renovations he made before he moved in, the brokerage fees he paid to buy the place, the property taxes he paid or the association dues. When you add up these costs and subtract what it would have cost him to rent something similar or even a good bit nicer, he's probably closer to $350,000 down the crapper.

So, what's he doing now? He bought a vacant lot at a trailer park down the street. That's right, this stupid fucker paid for the privilege of parking a new trailer on a postage stamp size space and paying rent on it. By the time he's through putting in all the customized features into his new "luxury" doublewide, he'll probably have spent more than he got out of the place next door to me and in 5 more years, I guarantee it will be worth no more than half of what he paid, if he can sell it at all.

What a fuckin' maroon. I'm only sorry that since this guy is so dead set on throwing his money away, there wasn't some way I could have gotten him to throw some of it at me.

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Lee said...

You see these people every day. Hopefully your not related to them.