Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Gay Marriage

Legal Gay marriage went down in Maine yesterday. It is becoming clear that slightly less than half the population, in most places in America, are willing to legalize Gay marriage. For me, Gay marriage is the same kind of stalking horse against the religious right as abortion. Probably only about 3% of the population is what could be called full time homosexual. Fewer than that would get Gay married if they had the chance.

Gay marriage focuses the attention of the mainstream culture on the issue of Gay rights. It has become the "this far and no farther" barricade behind which reactionary forces against Gay rights make their stand. While the fight over Gay marriage rages, the general population becomes more and more sensitized to the unfairness of the situation and less sympathetic to the religious bigots that fight to maintain the status quo. As the fight continues, under the radar in more and more places, all legal barriers against Gays except marriage are dropped.

In ten years, Gay marriage will be accepted as the norm in all fifty States. The homosexual community will be a more mainstream part of society than it is now. I favor this because freedom denied to one, is freedom denied to all.

Society is always in flux. Demographics are always changing. The young, of all racial, ethnic, cultural, socio economic and even religious backgrounds overwhelmingly favor legal Gay Marriage. Gay marriage will continue to be tested in State after State, over and over again, until it is the law under which we all live. Gay marriage is a cause that promotes freedom for all. It's not only the smart side to be on. It's the right side.

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