Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I Thought Hoffman would Win. Shows You What I Know

The 23rd Congressional district of the State of New York has been a Republican stronghold since the formation of the Republican party, almost one hundred and fifty years ago. It probably will continue to be one for another hundred and fifty years.

When Doug Hoffman gave his concession speech after the election for that Congressional seat last night, in a hotel ballroom, fewer than fifty supporters were there to witness it. His supporters had already left, out of the district, out of the State, out of the region. They had already gone back to where they came from. His supporters were members of the racist, sexist, homophobic, religious fundamentalist, social conservative movement that currently plague our country. They sought to hijack the local electoral process and elect one of their own to the local Congressional seat. They almost did it. That they didn't says a lot about the kind of people that live in this region.

This is not a Democratic party victory. It is a victory for democracy. There was no real Republican running in this race. Next year there probably will be and I hope then, the will of the people prevails.


Navy Blue Cougar said...

I think that there were just enough people in the district that didn't want to let the prominent national conservatives poke their noses into their election. I know I would feel resentful if people on the national stage tried to influence the election of my representative. They don't care, or even know anything about, my district. They just wanted an anti-Pelosi vote.

reddog said...

The Republican, forced to withdraw, still got 5.5% of the vote. If Hoffman had gotten those votes, he would have won easily.