Monday, November 23, 2009

Uniting Peoples of Faith Throughout The World

Here's a big, doughfaced Catholic Cardinal who says that the real enemies of Christendom are not other faiths but the forces of Godlessness and secularism. As a man who likes to think of himself as among the vanguard of Godlessness and secularism I take pride in my part in the achievement of bringing religious of all stripes together.

This redhat guy didn't mention that he wanted to be friends with Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or any of the various flavors of shamanistic animists, so I feel I still have plenty of hard work ahead of me. I feel like I'm up to the task.


beebsblog said...

I used to be a scientist. I require evidence that "the invisible buddy who lives in the sky" actually exists.

Once given some data, then I can decide if it makes sense- does it mesh with the rest of reality.

I used to go to church to keep my wife happy. Think of the pews full of people on Easter, celebrating the resurrection. Believing all of them in a mass delusion.

Heck, I had figured out in fifth grade that life after death was a fraud.

reddog said...

I like science. In the long run it is the cornerstone of human progress. In the short term, incomplete scientific understanding can lead to flawed conclusions.

As far as religion goes, I always just ask myself a general question. How likely is any of this to be true? That always seems to do the trick.

I'm a simple guy.