Friday, November 27, 2009

No Tree. Nothing Under It.

There are two reasons that people give Christmas gifts. The first is to make other people happy. The second is to make other people like them. It doesn't achieve either purpose.

When I was young I gave Christmas gifts. I picked them out very carefully and spent a lot of time doing it. I spent way too much money on them. I was always proud of the fact that I gave way more than I got. It wore off, I don't give Christmas gifts any more. I don't get many. Maybe I'm just imagining it but I think people like me better now. They certainly don't like me any worse.

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Anonymous said...

I try to give little gifts to my mother and wife. This year I think I will give them "Soapy Soles."

I have four nephews who I give pocket knives to. They are at that magical age where they will remember forever. I give my nieces gift certificates from Amazon.

My total spending is over two hundred dollars, but I can afford it. I could care less if I get anything at all. I have everything I need.