Sunday, November 01, 2009

Scozzafava Endorses Democrat

This story just keeps getting better and better.

Break out the cutlasses and boarding pikes. Spread some sand on the decks. Not all of us will be going home to Mother.

We have a lot of pro choice Republicans that aren't homophobes here in Sunny California.

Here's a link to a post Sarah Palin left on Facebook, about how all Republicans in NY 23 should unite now, in solidarity, after she led the mob gutting the local Republican candidate for Congress. That'll go over big with the Republican voters upstate. I mean, she thanked Dede politely for stepping aside. That should be enough, right? After all, Dede wants to kill babies and let sodomites marry. That'd against God's natural law. She also supports, you know, union membership. (Shudder) She's no real Republican.


wcv said...

My guess is that the endorsement doesn't change things. She comes off as bitter and a forced-union leftist and doesn't change many minds.

Buck said...

I just can't get over how outsiders are looking at this race. A man who lives outside the district loses all four caucuses to a woman who has lived and served her whole life there, being elected by the people there to multiple offices multiple times. So he quits the Republican party, joins the Conservative party and calls all outsiders to take his side, resulting in outsiders trying very hard to buy a seat for an outsider in Congress.

Not one single complaint that the so-called conservatives working so hard to overturn the local caucuses and outright buy the local voters is a grotesque violation of the minimum conservative value of 'local control of government.'

Talk about cognitive dissonance.

Oh yeah, I live in NY 20. I can see NY 23 from here so I'm completely qualified to make important decisions for the voters of NY 23.

reddog said...

I don't feel all that bad for Dede. I'm not so familiar with her history, not being a local but if she was really well loved by her constituency, the wingnuts never would have been able to pick her off. Doing it was a big mistake though, whether Hoffman wins or loses tomorrow.

Down the road, the social conservatives will pay a big price for this. They are doomed, anyway you look at it. It is a self limiting group, as far as growth is concerned and they have about all the support now they will ever get.

We went through the same thing with right wing whackos here in SoCal, in the early and middle Sixties with the Birchers, Minutemen and their fellow travelers, that is happening nation wide now. They were very strong for a while and controlled a lot of local politics. Where are they now?