Monday, November 02, 2009


It would be nice if the Democrats came out of the off year elections tomorrow with a solid showing but I fear it is not to be. All indications are that a well groomed Pat Robertson University alumni and wingnut of the first water named McConnell, will win the governorship of Virginia. The other prominent races are close but I think the Republicans have the inside track in all of them. Gov Corzine in New Jersey is a real dickhead and deserves to lose. Hoffman, in the NY 23rd Congressional race, is riding a strong wave of upward momentum in the polls, even though he is a poor choice for the constituency, not in touch with their concerns and doesn't even live in the district.  If the race went a couple more weeks, he would get creamed but right now tempers are running high and that favors him. The other big contest is a measure that would repeal a Gay marriage law in Maine. It will be close, which in itself is amazing but I think it will pass easily. There still aren't too many places where Gay marriage can muster majority support. If you look how far, how fast Gay rights have come, the advancements are impressive and will likely continue even more rapidly. The odiousness of Gay rights opponents helps the cause even more than it's necessity and inevitability.

I am distressed that the social conservatives are now the dominint force in the Republican party. It is little consolation that this leadership will surely bring about the destruction of the Republicans in the future.

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