Thursday, November 11, 2010

Are you a dying breed?

The kind of nationalistic, faux flag waving and patriotic, fundamentalist Christian political movements that dominated much of 20th century domestic politics in America are, I believe, dying out.

Indications are that most young people, whether they are liberal or conservative, secular or religious, educated or proletarian, are pretty much fed up with it. If this trend continues, in another 30 years or so, there won't be enough of these creeps around to cause anybody any trouble.

This doesn't excite me that much for two reasons. Somebody somewhere with a vested interest in it, will figure out a new and probably even more virulent way to package xenophobic hatred for mass consumption and even if they don't and somehow the World goes all Dorothy and Toto, though I believe there is small chance of that, I'll be dead.

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