Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Balanced Budget

The new Tea Party House of Representatives, led by Speaker Boner, are going to balance the budget by extending the Bush tax cuts and cutting Federal spending.  Only they aren't going to cut military spending.  They aren't going to cut Medicare or Social Security. They aren't going to cut any government employees salaries, benefits or retirement. They say they will repeal Obamacare but they aren't going to have the votes for that. Maybe they can replace it with a plan of their own but to do that it will have to offer even better care, at less cost, to those covered, in other words, a more expensive plan.

If they radically cut the rest of the budget, they might get it down 3-4%. Do you think that will be enough to balance the budget?

I watched Rand Paul's victory speech just now. I agree with every thing he says. The problem is, he's one of those little effeminate, cousin Sidney, tattle tale guys, all mince and high whine. He doesn't have the guts or the balls to get it done. I honestly wish he did.  In this way he is exactly like his father.


Contrary said...

20% budget cuts to Dept. of Education (should be called Dept. of Propaganda), Dept. of Energy, the EPA, Dept. of Commerce, etc.

NPR and PBS funding should be stopped.

Eliminate NATO. Let those effeminate men in Europe defend themselves.

Continue cuts til the budget is balanced......

Anonymous said...

Don't forget HHS. I'm sure 20% should be tripled.

Anonymous said...

The libs have turned everything on its head. Giving taxpayer dollars to welfare mothers so they can go to Berkeley for a Masters in Anthropology, while living on campus with her three kids and her mother (true story - this is a coworker's sister-in-law!) is supposed to be sacrosanct, but making sure the military has the best equipment we can buy isn't?

We've been trying it the Lefty way since 2006, and look where we are now. So, what's your solution, Red Dog? The military is one of the few Constitutionally mandated budgetary items. National Defense is not "discretionary spending"