Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ginger root used to sell for its weight in gold

I walked up the hill and back to vote this morning. It's warm here. Probably not more than mid 70s but full sun and no breeze, seems warmer trudging up and down the hill.

I made a nice cold drink when I got back. Let me give you a tip for when you're making your favorite thirst quencher. Grate a little fresh ginger root into the bottom of the glass before you make it. No more than half a teaspoon, probably less will do. Adds a nice zing. If you are the kind of person that squeezes a lime wedge into a beer, a little ginger works with that. Bloody Mary in the morning? That too. Next time you have people over to watch the Kentucky Derby, add some to the Mint Juleps.

Trust me.

By the way. The poll at my precinct was surprisingly busy. I'm expecting this will be a big turnout for a midterm election. Maybe the results will be as expected, maybe not. The pollsters are usually uncannily accurate but not always.

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