Friday, November 05, 2010

Republicans need to get busy.

Every post election analysis that I've seen, clearly states that there has been no change in how the American public thinks about Barack Hussein Obama and his policy statements or other Democratic politicians over the last 2 years. The people that liked him then still like him. The people that didn't like him still don't. There are a lot of each. In 2 years there probably still will be.

The difference in the last two national elections is who voted. The Republicans did a much better job of getting their base out this time. The Democrats did a better job of getting their base out last time. Even independent voters are largely unchanged in their opinions, it's simply a matter of who voted and who didn't.

I don't know a single person who's changed their mind about any basic issues in the last two years, do you? I don't know of a single blogger or media editorial writer that has or a single political figure that shares their views with the public. Do you know of any?

The Democrats have numerically more supporters. The Republicans have more supporters that vote consistently. Republican supporters are older, have a greater sense of personal entitlement and feel more strongly about fewer issues that they feel to be of over riding importance. Some of them don't like the homos, niggers or Mexicans, some want to love and protect the little preborn fetuses, some feel very threatened by towelheads, some think the government should give less money to other people besides them.

Republican leaders feign surprise that the Democrats aren't admitting that they have been wrong and laying down before the Republican electoral onslaught. Why should they be? Did the Republicans lay down after a humiliating defeat in 2008 or 2006? After two years of total non cooperation and calling the Democrats every name they could think of, they have bounced right back. Good for them. They're welcome to come back even farther in 2012 and finish the job but they shouldn't expect any more cooperation from the Democrats than they themselves gave in the last two years.

The elections in two years will likely be bigger elections. More people will likely vote. The more people that vote, the more Democrats are usually favored. The Republicans may need to do more than motivate their base to extend their gains into 2013, they will probably have to change some minds. That's a hard thing to do. I don't change my mind very much. I bet you don't either.

My advice to Republicans is to get busy.


Contrary said...

For Republicans to be successful they need to....

1. Stop illegal immigration.

2. Rethink free trade items such as outsourcing our manufacturing base.

3. Rethink the whole entitlement scenario. Too many people are riding the gravy train. It's true some people need help but we now have 3 or 4 generations on welfare and food stamps.

4. Emphasize the facts, leave the hate filled tirades to the Democrats.

reddog said...

You left out a couple. They need to drop anti abortion and let the homos marry.