Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Jolly, Jowly Fat Man From The Deep South

Has anybody else noticed? All of sudden, Haley Barbour, the Governor of Mississippi is all over cable news acting the Grand Old Party spokesman. It's no coinkydink.

Do you think that the Republicans are setting him up for a run at the Presidency? It would be a great symbolic contest. Old, fat, White, Southern redneck against the new age, new World, wonderboy of colour. He's real friendly with both the Tea Party insurgents and the entitled, good old boys, under the Republican Big Tent. He gives voice to both traditional religious family values and fiscal austerity. He's smart enough not to use the term "nigra" but nobody thinks his idea of a perfect America is one big multi/culti family either.

It's an interesting strategy. Real polarizing, if that's what they're going for. Might work. Might not. Sarah might fall in behind him. Might not.

Be interesting to see.

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