Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Sky Faery Wants You To Pay For Your Own Abortion

The anti abortion Wingers think they are fighting the good fight. They're idiots. There is no fight going on as to whether Roe vs Wade should be overturned.

There is a controversy as to whether abortion should be funded by the government or not. This is a very different issue and nobody really cares about it but them on one side and abortion providers on the other.

Fight on, Wingnuts! Make those bad girls pay for their own scrape and suck.


Mean old Gary said...

How about making the guy who donated the sperm pay for the abortion?

Anonymous said...

What about not punishing the child for the girl's misfortune - whether it be her own doing or not? What about adoption? We both know that the vast majority of abortions are done for the convenience of the mother. There are other options, but the Left will never be truly tolerant of anything but their own agenda.

The plain truth is that your trying to subsidize murder under the guise of "compassion". Its just pure evil. The truly compassionate thing is to care for both the mother and the baby. But I doubt you'd ever consider that. Your plan is dropping her off at the abortuary with a wad of cash in her hand, a pat on the head and "Good luck to you, dear! If you get a punctured uterus, well, it's not my problem." as you speed off with your conscience clear. Do you care that the girl will suffer years of mental anguish afterwards? I think not. Where's your "compassion" for her?

If you think a girl's access to abortion is so critical, then you pay for it. I find it morally repugnant to force me to pay for abortions via my taxes. Or perhaps to balance things out on our side, we should have the taxpayers (meaning you) pay for something you find distasteful, like retirement homes for priests. Then we can call it even.

Just in case you think I'm all talk, my offer I've made here in the past still stands. If you happen to come across a girl "in trouble" and contemplating abortion, contact me. I'll take the baby.

Someday, attitudes towards abortion like yours will be as repulsive as they are towards slavery today.

reddog said...

Hey, SM. I figured you had been coming around from time to time. Thanks and thanks for chiming in. Always good to hear from you.

If I come into possession of any unwanted babies, I'll send them your way. To tell you the truth though, I hardly ever see anybody under 50, much less babies. This is a rapidly aging community around here.

My advocacy of abortion is entirely ideological. Hell, if there were any unwanted babies around here, I'd raise them myself, just to give the cats somebody to play with.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments on my comments. Now that I'm more or less done with school, I have a bit more time to blog. Facebook is ok, but you don't have enough room to truly express and develop your thoughts.

I got a bit heated here, but its because I truly believe someone must speak for the most defenseless in our society. What does it say about us, we who think we're so enlightened, that we find it acceptable to dispose of the weakest members of our society? Centuries from now, people will look back on us and find us as barbaric as we do the ancient Romans today.

The truth of the matter is that more women die from legal botched abortions now than when they were illegal. Also, women who've had abortions suffer from terrible mental anguish over it, some even commit suicide. When I was a more active pro-life activist, I met many women in that situation. Its heartbreaking.

My question is if abortion not only destroys the life of the baby, but the mother as well, how is this compassionate?

reddog said...


I understand your feelings. I was raised religious. It never took.

I believe that a woman's right to control her own body trumps a fetus' right to life.

I don't deny a fetus is alive. I don't deny it's humanity. You want to call it murder, that's OK with me but I believe if a woman wants an abortion, she should be able to have one. Cheap, legal and on demand.

I understand we're never going to agree on this and that you feel strongly about it. I certainly don't think you're a bad person for believing the way you do. It's Ok with me if you think I'm a bad person and going to Hell.

I probably don't feel as strongly pro abortion as you do anti abortion but I feel pretty strongly about it. I don't vote for anti abortion politicians. If there were no other candidates that were closer to what I believed in every other way, I might but that's never happened. I don't think it's likely to either, do you?

Congratulations on finishing school! Onward and upward, mate!

Anonymous said...
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