Friday, November 05, 2010

Nancy with the laughing eyes

Nancy Pelosi wants to be the next Minority Leader of the House of Representatives. There are a lot of reasons why she should be. There are even some why she should not.

The bottom line is this. Congressional Republican members hate and fear her as they have no other Democrat in my memory and she can do or say anything that she wants to them without any fear. She just won re election in her liberal San Francisco district, without campaigning at all, in a race against an attractive, intelligent, popular, well qualified Republican opponent, that I wish was representing me, who had a huge nationally fueled war chest, by 80+ percent of the vote.

If the Dem House doesn't make her the Leader, they're idiots.

1 comment:

Contrary said...

She's the best recruiter for Republicans in the nation.

Go Nancy! LOL.