Thursday, November 18, 2010

Buy'em Up, Sucker

General Motors has recently closed a couple more of their automotive divisions. There are several derelict former GM dealership lots currently languishing around my town. Some of them used to sell cars that now aren't made anymore, some they still make but I guess not as many want to buy as used to. I actually know one guy who owns a Buick. It's not that big of a car but manages to convey an unmistakable impression of heaviness. If you don't look too close, a lot of the plastic looks like chrome.

GM says it has a plan in place to make them profitable again. If you believe that's true, they are floating a big new stock offering and maybe you should get in on it.

How fucking stupid are you? That's the big question here, not whether or not they're ever going to turn another legitimate profit.

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Contrary said...

No profits until they get the unions under control.

I was once a union member for 5 years. They conduct a low intensity war against the very companies they feed off.