Saturday, July 26, 2008

Amber Alert

The papers are full of another little 3 year old girl missing and presumed murdered. No one in her loving family even bothered to report her missing for more than a month, despite a lot of lame stories from the mother about her being with a "boyfriend" and the grand parents noticing a dead body smell in their daughter's car. The police haven't figured out what happened and the entire family seems to be clueless as to when and where this little girl disappeared. One neighbor reports the girl's mother borrowed a shovel about that time. There is a fresh slab of concrete poured in the grandparent's backyard. Nobody has talked to the boyfriend for a while. What a mess.

Whenever one or more of these little children disappear, there is often some kind of nasty, Republican coalition, fundo fascist connection. Whether it's a Christian cult, a mixture of methamphetamine, big tattoos and a Confederate flag fetish, an aging beauty queen who pimps out her little girl at bizarre, pre pubescent beauty pageants, or whatever, there always seems to be some aspect of bedrock, American cultural nationalism gone horribly bad involved. I wonder why ex-Feeb profiler Cliff Van Zandt, when they pull him out from whatever rock he crouches under to comment, on Fox News, never brings that up. It never seems to be the daughter of two fat, Maoist, lesbian, secular humanist, urban pioneers running a food co-op/abortion referral agency, in Ann Arbor, who ends up buried in some shallow grave in a trailer park, in the dead of night.

It kind of makes you wonder who the parents that really care about the well being of their children are.

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