Monday, July 07, 2008

The Iraqi Government Wants US Military to Go Home

Nouri al-Maliki doesn't want to agree with the Bush administration on a treaty that would govern the activities of US military forces in Iraq, following the expiration of the UN charter authorizing intervention in Iraq, at the end of this year. He knows that the legislature would never vote to approve such a treaty and that it is an extremely unpopular issue among the voting public. Instead, he is calling for a timetable by which the US would begin to remove it's military from Iraq.

An especially sore point is the immunity from any consequences enjoyed by US contractors and servicemen for criminal acts committed while in Iraq. The Bush administration insists that it does not engage in war crimes in Iraq but the citizenry, who have endured the deaths of a million of their friends, family and fellow countrymen and the maiming, rape, torture, incarceration and displacement of millions more, know better.

What is the problem. Fuel up the troop ships and bring our forces home. Those fundo-fascist Americans that still believe that the Iraqis need help with the governance of their country are free to go there and help them, as private citizens. Perhaps they would even like to emigrate. I'm sure they would be welcomed in Iraq. We will try to get along without them back at home.

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