Saturday, July 05, 2008

How Lame Is That Duck?

The Airlines don't use 747s much anymore. Even though they can carry hundreds of people, halfway around the World without refueling, they aren't fuel efficient. They are just too big, too heavy, to economically carry their own weight, as well as the passengers and freight and turn a profit. The purchase price and operating costs are just too prohibitive. The only thing they are really good for, is to be ostentatious.

They are preflighting and fueling up a 747 right now, with thousands of gallons jet fuel, outside of Washington, to take one drooling retard, to a series of meetings in Japan, with a group of men who are loathe to see him. What is the point of ostentation. The retard doesn't care. The men he meets with, will ignore him. We could send the retard off to Six Flags with a troop of Brownies, on a school bus, he would never know the difference and have a better time. It just doesn't make any sense.

Our country is deeply in debt. We are saddled with multiple, costly, foreign wars, on multiple continents against entities that the American pubic is not even clear who they are or why we are fighting them. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Columbia, to name a few. Taxes have been slashed and spending massively increased and not only for the wars. Every time you turn around, another spending bill passes and the President signs it. They're all good things, disaster relief, veterans care and education, health care for the aged. The problem is, there is no money. The retard solves this problem by printing money. This worked for a little while, until there was so much new money floating around, that it became largely worthless. It will soon be the case that no amount of money will be enough to pay for the obligations incurred by government. Unfortunately, it will also be the case that no amount of money will be enough to pay for the food and fuel that the American people have become accustomed to consuming.

When that happens, people will begin to take notice. Man, we are really fucked.

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beebs said...

A pretty pickle, I wouldn't want to be the next president.

We have started endless wars in Mesopotamia. The US is threatening to start another war. At what cost?

Both candidates claim we can have unlimited healthcare in the US without any increase in prices.

Japan, China, and Russia are up to their ears with US bonds and dollars that are losing value each day.

A pretty pickle.