Monday, July 21, 2008

Sometimes a Good Party Lasts Until the Cold Dawn of a New Day but then It's Time to Go Home

After having taunted Barak Obama into a trip to the American military hotspots in the Middle East, John McCain and the neocon bulletheads are reeling in shock and horror. American puppet leaders, PM Maliki in Iraq and President Karsai in Afghanistan have greeted Obama more warmly than ever they have the Decider since he declared "mission accomplished" and both have all but endorsed Obama for the position of leader of the free World and champion of democratic reform in their countries. The troops themselves, the ground pounding dogfaces, not the ring knocking, cock sucking, academy graduates who pimp the war for Bush-Cheney, love Obama. They are just as ready to get the hell out of there as the Iraqis and Afghans are eager to have them go. Mike Mullen seems a little out of sorts as regards Barry's Middle East visit but Davey P, who might want to be head of Joint Chiefs during an Obama Presidency, seemed more than happy to squire him around. Barry is no doubt better company than the Republicans geriatric suitor, with his failing intellect and rotting, cancerous face.

Barry is soon off to Europe, where he is wildly popular among a population that regards President Bush and rightly so, as the bestial heavy in a Fellini melodrama, come horribly and abusively to real life. Fearing another "Ich bien ein Berliner" moment, Condy's crew has managed to put the kibosh on a planned Obama speech before thousands, at the Brandenburg Gate. No matter. There are plenty of Iconic landmarks that Obama can use as a backdrop for the delivery of an inspirational stem winder to the European throngs.

It's turning out to be a good week for Obama. Thanks to the syphilitic operatives over at Republican Central, who managed to shake off their spirochete induced psychosis long enough to set it up.

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beebs said...

It does look like change is in the air. Up here in the Bay Area everyone on talk radio is ga ga for Obama.

This country has many problems that need to be addressed, and another four years in Iraq and Afghanistan shouldn't be on Barack's plate.

I'll be watching the conventions and the election should prove interesting.