Sunday, July 27, 2008

Can't Get No

We are entering a time of great change. I'm pretty much clueless about it. It's not going to be my time, just goin' along for the ride. It will be interesting. Might be fun. A lot better than being dead. What isn't?

When I was a young person, in the 1960s, the iconic figures of the last great period of cultural and artistic awakening in America, that wild and turbulent decade following the war to end all wars, forty years before, were still prominent in the life and news of the times. Some had died. Some had become beloved elders. Some were reclusive shut ins. Some continued to live on as bewilderingly inappropriate caricatures of their former selves. None of them had any real continuing relevance. Nothing has changed.

Mick Jagger turned sixty five yesterday. He had a nice run. Paced himself. Prob'ly live to a hundred. Becoming a caricature is better than becoming a corpse.

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