Monday, July 14, 2008

Michael Yon and the True Beleivers Declare Victory in Iraq

Over at his site, Michael Yon is saying that the Iraq War is over.

What gets me about little cocksuckers like this, is that for the first four years of the Iraq War, they swore that everything was going great in Iraq and that the only problem was, that the people against the war at home, were traitors and cowards and by not "supporting the troops" were aiding and abetting the "terrorists", in Iraq. They swore, that the journalists who questioned the actions of the Bush administration and the American Generals were "phoning in" their stories from cocktail lounges in the "Green Zone". Never mind that there was never any reason for us to be in Iraq. Never mind that there was never any plan as to what to do with the Iraqis, after we had "liberated" them. It was only after the "Surge" had been announced, that these "Bush-Cheney" catamites admitted to any problem with our occupation in Iraq and then only the "Surge" could rectify the situation. No sooner had the "Surge" gotten underway than it was pronounced "working". Never mind that in the meantime, General Petraeus had put every bully boy, rapist, Son of Saddam insurgent, with an AK or RPG launcher, on a three hundred dollar a month retainer, thereby neutralizing the insurgency. Voila, al-Qaeda in Iraq defeated.

Now, of course, they feel empowered to declare that the War in Iraq is over, because only they have the insight to truly understand the mechanics of the conflict in Iraq. These people are scum. They are traitors to the United States. They use their status as veterans and journalists, to bring dishonor to the flag they once served under. The blood of every good man who died in Iraq under arms and every innocent Iraqi civilian, man, woman and child killed, can be laid at their feet. They dishonor the thousands of American men and women who served in good faith, without feeling the need to engage in lies and political subterfuge.

Burn in Hell, lying, traitorous, scum. Write your books. Collect your blood money. Bask in the notoriety of your own treachery.

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