Monday, July 28, 2008

My Cat Snores

I picked up a cat at the pound several years ago. I got him at the urging of an old Swedish cat rescue lady who had gotten him out of the apartment of a schizophrenic woman who only fed him when she thought about it and tended to spend a lot of time locked up in local rubber rooms anyway. The old Swedish lady was going to keep him but she already had 15 cats and this one had problems sticking up for himself. He is a very unusual looking cat, brindled with orange stripes, spots and bullseyes. He's not hammerheaded and crosseyed, like a Siamese but does have a long foxey snout and huge wind scoop ears, with little beady golden eyes that burn like copper colored coals in the dark. He was a little jittery at first but has turned into a pretty good cat. He's friendly with strangers and doesn't usually draw too much blood when he bites.

I think he's got some kind of wildcat mix breeding, not bobcat, I had one of those once. I think this one is part Servil. Cat breeders sell these under the name Savannah Cats and they are pretty common.

This cat sleeps about 18 hours a day, which isn't to unusual but when he sleeps he snores like a freight train. He snores so violently that he even wakes himself up. He tries to prop his head up so that he doesn't do it but as soon as he shifts position or flips over in his sleep it starts up again. I've never seen a cat that snores like this. I don't mind that much. I hardly ever step on him when he's sleeping on the floor in the dark. That's a plus. I also snore so loud, sometimes I wake myself up too.

Originally I started calling him Wheezer. I thought it was pretty appropriate. My wife thought it was too cruel. I don't think cats care what you call them but what the hell. We just call him Noodles, because when he's curled up he looks like a big heap of spaghetti and marinara sauce.

This is a pretty stupid thing to write about but he's over in a corner making noises like an overloaded router right now.


beebs said...

You are a good writer.

I never thought we would ever have indoors pets until my daughter was born. We started off slow with guinea pigs, that I highly recommend for a low pressure pet.

Now we have two cats and one dog. Amazing.

blunoz said...

I disagree on it being a stupid thing to write about. Also, I agree with beebs. You're an excellent writer. Keep up the good work!