Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's Like "The Dawn Of The Dead", Only For Bankers

Equities in the banks that make up the financial sector of the American stock markets are shredding and sinking into sludge, like so much used toilet paper in the settling basin of a sewage treatment plant. Not even a week after President Bush brought out every one of his lick spittle cabinet heads to cheerlead a shaky suckers rally, financials look ready to lead the market into a new level of ever deeper lows.

A little later this morning, Hank Paulson, a treasury secretary who manages to be even more imbecilically optimistic than the previously most stupid holder of the office, Donald Regan, another blood sucking parasite who spent a generation stealing the meager savings of hard working pensioners, while running one of America's largest investment banking houses, will address the public. This is becoming almost a daily ritual for Hank. Who does he think he's kidding.

Hank will no doubt, once again, urge Congress to pass a bill that allows him to use freshly printed, mostly worthless, American dollars, to buy equally worthless banking shares, in order to allow the banks to redeem just as worthless unpaid debt, that they hold by the trillions of dollars. It's like some horribly diseased daisy chain of fiduciary malfeasance.

We should kill all the bankers. They are of no use and will only continue to lie and steal. It is the only life they know and understand. We could raffle off their palatial mansions, in all the best areas, to wealthy Arabs. Maybe they could be convinced to pay us off in money from a country where the currency is more stable, like Zimbabwe or Vietnam, instead of our own worthless specie.

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