Friday, July 18, 2008

We Were Frat Boys Once.....And Young

It's not necessary for Bush and his cronies to live in a free fire zone to gain some empathy for the victims of our military incursions in the Middle East. It's not necessary for their friends and family members to disappear in the night, gone forever, victims of violence, torture and ultimately death. It is not necessary for their wives and daughters to be raped and sodomized if ever they leave the family home without an armed escort but it would help.

Face facts. Bush and his friends grew up in clean, safe neighborhoods. They played Little league baseball and Pop Warner football. They went to expensive prep schools and were legacy admissions to the best colleges in America. Beautiful young girls were glad to marry them, knowing their lives would be secure and there would never be any money problems. Bush and his friends never struggled with past due bills, never worried about job security, benefits, health care or the next promotion. If they served in the military at all, it was in a cushy, stateside billet that might as well have been a corporate, junior executive internship.

The idea that these guys would use their power as leaders of the American people, to destroy whole countries and cultures, maim, rape and murder millions of people is inconceivable. How do we face the World community, after letting them do just that? This is not a small, repugnant act of sado-sexual hazing, done in some midnight frat house ceremony and snickered about for decades at corporate board meetings and around the washbasins in country club toilets. These are war crimes as callous and villainous, as have ever been perpetrated. Just because they are rich, from prominent families, educated at the best schools and willing to run the country, does not make them suitable successors to the honored founding fathers of this nation. America has erred grievously by placing trust in these men.

Simply replacing them in the positions of authority that they have so grossly abused, is not enough. Impeachment by Congress, civil or even criminal trials, here in this country, while maybe appropriate, are not sufficient. The crimes these men have perpetrated, were against foreign peoples. They must be turned over to international agencies for tribunal and if found guilty, the administration of justice.

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