Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Admiral Mike Mullen, Oracle or Sphinx?

How can we respond to the letter Admiral Michael Mullen has written to the members of the Armed Forces, cautioning them to stay above partisan politics, in this hotly contested election year? Over the last 60 years, the military has moved inexorably to align itself with the conservative right wing of American politics and the fundamentalist Christianity which is it's constant companion.

Granted, many military leaders have diligently striven to stay above partisanship, even while continuing to serve their country, in and out of the military but most military leaders who reach the public eye are partisan, often criminally so. Westmoreland, North, Hayden, Pace, Petraeus, the list goes on and on. In an environment where our military is sinking ever deeper under the influence of right wing political thought, what can Mullen be telling us?

Is he cautioning the increasing numbers of veterans who have served in the unilateral wars of aggression in the Middle East and no longer support them, to stifle themselves? Is he cautioning firebrand factions within the armed forces, against a coup, should the Democrats win the Presidency and increase their majorities in Congress?

I do not know. It's pretty creepy, either way. I wish he would state what he means clearly.

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beebs said...

This dates me, but there was a "no bumper sticker" movement back in 1980 with Jimmy Carter running against Ronnie Raygun.

We had a hella party election night during SUBSCOL. I came as a "I'm a jimmy carter jellyfish, vote for me." We used that party as an excuse to drink like pigs. Not that we needed an excuse.

One of the SUBSCOL instructors told us his broker was moving him into defense stocks because Ronnie was big on defense.

Me, I was too broke at the time to have a broker. :)