Saturday, May 31, 2008

Vioxx Bad

The problem with going to doctors is, they get you to take a lot of drugs. For a while several years ago, I was seeing a doctor regularly. He had me on a couple of blood pressure meds, something for my prostate, a statin for cholesterol, an aspirin every day, some dietary supplements. It was pretty amazing.

So, I started to get pains in my wrists and forearms. The Doctor gives me a large dose of Vioxx every day. It helped a little but then I started to get plantar fasciaitis. After a while, my feet are sore I'm hobbling around like Quasimodo. I'm anxious all the time. I'm starting to get tremors. I have some blood work done and my liver enzymes are elevated. I get an EKG and I have a pronounced 1st degree heart block. You know what the fuckin' doctor wants to do, right? Give me more pills. Anxiety pills, sleeping pills, anti-arrythmics. Whatever.

So I quit taking all the pills and quit going to the doctor. Within a few days I felt decidedly better. Within a few months, I felt great. I'm not going to sue anybody because I took Vioxx and felt bad. If you take the drugs your doctor offers you without question, you have only yourself to blame.

Surprisingly, I don't believe in prescription drugs. Anybody should be able to get whatever drugs they want, over the counter. Doctors are all assholes and money grubbers with nothing but contempt for the patients stupid enough to follow their advice.

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beebs said...

Vitamin C, taken 1 gram morning and night, adds 6 years to your life.

I take a lot of Vitamin C. The other pills I am on are necessities, although I guess I could live without them.

Due to drinking a lot of iced black tea my cholestrol is very low.

I don't eat too much meat so my triglycerides are low.

I have had the "white coat effect" for blood pressure ever since the eighties. My blood pressure is a little elevated and I do take a beta blocker.