Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Return of the Baby Killer Phenomenon

Michael Yon and Austin Bay are both trying to stir things up for our young service men and women on Memorial day. Apparently a female soldier, while in uniform, was verbally assaulted on the Metro in DC, while on the way to work at the Pentagon.

Let me ask all of you out there a question. Have any of you, who have spent a significant amount of time riding the public transportation system in a major metropolitan area, not been verbally assaulted by the resident derangoids that more or less live on these conveyances? This can be a threatening and uncomfortable experience but to attribute it to some kind of global conspiracy, stalking you, lying in wait and finally pouncing while you are helplessly immobilized on the subway, is giving in to the same solitary paranoid craziness that most likely afflicts your pathetic assailant.

There isn't a lot of anti-military sentiment or behavior in the public. George Bush and his foreign policy of unilateral armed aggression is not popular. The military high command, whose members aid and abet Bush in his policies are often not positively viewed. The soldiers one is likely to meet on the street, are usually young, enlisted men and women on their first or second enlistments. The American public views these young veterans with solidarity, friendship and admiration. To try and portray the situation as otherwise is inflammatory. To try and pass this mischief off as a warning to young service people, to be careful when venturing out in public and to avoid wearing the uniform of your country while doing so, is a disgrace.

Shame on you, Michael Yon and Austin Bay. You both know better. You shame yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Shame on YOU David! The stories about this new harrassment and potentially dangerous situation for our Military members was written about and reported in every major media outlet in DC. They are not stirring up any trouble. Austin discussed the memo and Yon reposted the memo from Dept of Transportation Federal Transit Administration.

These people are being targeted left wing lunatics ONLY because they are in the Military.

Get a clue!!

reddog said...

I have not seen a link to any story of this nature, at any print or broadcast media outlet. There is also no link to any published copy of the memo by the National Transportation Authority.

beebs said...

Nothing about it in the Washington Post or Times.

It is probably a hoax.