Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Times Change

I have not always been a fan of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. My youth was filled with stories of Director J. Edgar Hoover's collusion in the Red baiting of the '50s, his persecution of Vietnam War protesters, and his proclivity for building salacious dossiers with which to blackmail influential politicians of all stripes, into letting him do as he pleased.

I am surprised and edified to find that they refused to engage in torture, even when instructed to do so by the President of the United States and after observing that the Military and CIA were both complying with the administration's orders.

I'm not surprised that once they decided not to participate in torture interrogation techniques, that they documented it's use by others, voluminously. The pressure to destroy these records, during the tenure of the traitor Alberto Gonzales, as Attorney General, must have been intense.

Hopefully, these records can be used as evidence, when it comes time to bring the rogue members of the Bush administration to justice.

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Anonymous said...

The thing about the "red scare", is that in the early 90's, when the Russians upened up their KGB archives, we found out that Hoover and McCarthy were right.

If McCarthy was wrong about all the commies in the government, he would've been a hero instead of a bad word...