Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democratic Convention Violence Report - Half Way Point

The Democratic Party Convention is half over. As far as I can tell, there have been a few small groups of organized anti war protesters arrested in Denver but not near the Convention venue, for supposedly blocking pedestrian traffic. The only violence occurred on the part of the arresting officers, who outnumbered the protesters by a factor of several times and used tear gas and pepper spray on them. The local cops got 50 million from the Feds to pay for heightened security during the convention. They aren't going to give any of it back. They have to have something to show for their efforts and only four days to come up with it. What a waste of money.

Camera men with Michelle Malkin and a Truther radio personality I've never heard of, named Alex Jones, belly bumped each other pugnaciously outside the Denver Mint yesterday. There was apparently a protest of some sort going on there but nobody was paying any attention to that. I saw some video of it on one of the Fundo sites. It looked like a couple of long haired members of the crowd pushed them apart and broke it up, probably while under the influence of the devil weed. No tear gas, pepper spray or arrests there, at least on the video I saw. I really admire Michelle. That whole, spunky, Subic City bargirl, LBFM take, on crusading Republican womanhood she does, is really a refreshing new twist on the genre. Whoever is paying her fine is getting his moneys worth. I frequently am inspired to leave witty comments on her site but she never enables new commenters. Probably just as well. Ann Coulter's cruel, Nazi dominatrix shtick, pales in comparison.

The Secret Service foiled a possible assassination attempt on Barak Obama, arresting three young, white racist men with high powered rifles and methamphetamine in their possession. I doubt these guys are actually on the payroll of the RNC, probably just kindred spirits. I doubt they were ever really much of a threat but you could have said the same for several young men in the past, who had some success.

Randall Terry and a small group of his supporters insisted on being arrested, during a sit down strike and will spend the night in jail, after refusing to pay a token bail. Once again, no tear gas or pepper spray needed. Good Luck Randall! Sing a chorus of "We Shall Overcome" for me. Don't allow your dreams for the preborn to be stillborn.

Maybe the bomb throwers will come out tomorrow. One can only hope.

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