Saturday, August 16, 2008

McCain's VP Choice

McCain is so fucked up. The speculation is, he's considering a pro-life running mate. That would be the kiss of death with the Fundos and he needs them bad. Same thing if he picks a pro Gay rights VP. Same thing if he picks an African American. He needs the racist vote, even more than he needs the Christers and to a large extent, they are the same thing.

If he was serious about winning, he would pick a Hispanic Catholic, with strongly traditional values, someone like Mel Martinez. An even better choice would be a Hispanic woman, say Linda Chavez. It doesn't matter whether they have the experience or political gravitas normally associated with the choice. It doesn't even matter if the person is currently a Democrat. There is a local Congresswoman named Loretta Sanchez, in my county. She would be a natural. She would jump at the chance. She would switch affiliation in a second and quickly disavow any unfortunate socially liberal stands she previously has espoused. Both parties gave up running candidates with real credentials long ago. If he did that, he would win with a landslide. He won't do it because he is afraid of the immigration issue.

That's a mistake. It's a dead issue. Hispanics are here to stay. They work hard. They are naturally conservative, politically. They appreciate a stable, safe society. They don't really mind if it's not particularly democratic. They don't mind if the rich get richer. They don't mind if it's a police state. Best of all, they are Christian and a large number are even observant, unlike most Americans that identify as Christians. Moving the Hispanic vote into their party, should be the number one priority of the Republicans. It would guarantee them political ascendancy for generations to come.

The smart Republicans already know this is true. The problem is that the majority of their coalition are black dirt ignorant, ethnocentric racist, sexist, scum. These people function at the intellectual level of lemmings and changes in the party line must be carefully crafted over time, to conform with the ridiculous world view mythology that has already been built up to incorporate God, country, sacred motherhood, family values, support of unilateral military aggression at any cost and the absolute person hood of the potentially fertilizable human ova. Hitler sold the Japanese as allies to his people as "Yellow Aryans". The Republicans could do the same with Hispanics. Perhaps they could present them as, "like Texans, only smarter, cleaner and willing to work for a living."

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