Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So What's The Point Of This Edwards Thing ?

Them fundo funksters seem to be obsessed with John Edwards extra marital proclivities. I guess because of the sympathetic image he projected during the primary race, with his dying wife Elisabeth active in the campaign, even while visibly deteriorating from terminal cancer. I don't know what mileage they get out of the mistress and prospective love child at this point. The guy's political best used by date, is long past.

Politicians are all starved for love and attention. It's the nature of the beast. Like all of us, they tend to take what they can get, where they can get it. It's not a Republican or Democrat thing. It's not even a male specific thing. We all got needs.

I guess there were a few recent Presidents that toed the line. I never heard anything about Gerald Ford. Jimmy Carter famously lusted in his heart but who doesn't. I don't think Harry Truman was much of a philanderer but I bet he wanted to be. We know FDR had a mistress and Ike as well. JFK was fixated at the adolescent stage and loved the turbulent excitement of one night stands. I'm sure LBJ wasn't above the odd commercial sexual transaction. Some Presidents were pretty kinky. Nixon used to spend weekends relaxing with his friend "BeBe" Rebozo down on Key Biscayne. It's known that BeBe liked little boys. The two of them were supposed to be fishing down there in the Keys but for what. It was commonly known, by those in the '40s Hollywood party scene, that Jane Wyman divorced Ronald Reagan when she caught him having oral sex with one of his co-stars. The co-star is most often identified as Errol Flynn. We all know about Bill Clinton and we all know it didn't start or stop with Monica Lewinsky. There are a lot of rumors about 41 floating around and if any of them are true he was a pretty wild guy, in his day. I don't even want to get into Sonny Boy. Anyone that reads this blog knows what I think of him.

Of the two current candidates for President, we know that John McCain has been a life long serial philanderer and has lived largely separate from his current wife, who was at one time one of his serial philandrees, for the entire duration of their marriage. We don't know about Barack but he's a good looking and personable young man and I'm sure he has needs and admirers.

Why pick on Edwards? He's old news. Totally over.

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