Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sandpoint Blank

John McCain is a lot smarter than 43 but that just means he is not a retard. His policy positions are a lot more reasoned but that just means he's not a fascist. He graduated from Annapolis, albeit 4th from the bottom of his class. Both his father and grandfather were 4 star shitheads and he spent 6 years in a North Vietnamese prisoner of war camp. This is pretty much the gold standard for a naval aviation officer of his generation and still they kicked him to the curb. You have to conclude that he must have had some pretty severe deficits, career-wise. As a politician, he has been exceedingly corrupt and totally insincere, a toady to the wealthy and their lobbiests. This means he has finally found his niche.

What can you say about a guy like this running for President? Well, we've had worse. Usually.

He picked his running mate this week. You've got to admit, she's a Duesy.

The fundo fascists embraced Sarah Palin, the Governess of Alaska wholeheartedly, from the first minute. They're not usually big feminists, so I really wasn't prepared to like her much. So far, even though I would never vote for a McCain/Anybody ticket, unless I knew the melanoma was back big, black and metastatic, she doesn't seem all that bad.

She's probably the smartest Republican on a national ticket since Nixon. Her degree of mental stability may be above normal. We haven't seen that, since Ike.

She was born in Sandpoint, Idaho but when she was born, everyone there was not a member of an Adamic Aryan Militia. That means we should probably watch her pretty close but she may not be a skinhead mama awaiting the post apocalyptic ascendancy of the White Race.

In high school, she was an aggressive player on and the prayer leader of, the girls basketball team. At my high school, that would have made her a lesbian. Kinky. She has a degree from the University of Idaho and didn't major in Home Economics. She participated in beauty contests and trained for a career as a television news reader, for a woman in conservative politics, this elevates her to the status of intellectual.

Her domestic life seems to be exemplary. She remains married to and has five children with her high school sweetheart. Good for her. Her husband is a native Alaskan, works part time as commercial fisherman and part time in the oil fields. He is ruggedly handsome, plays a good game of hockey and regularly wins long distance snow mobile races. This is roughly the Alaskan equivalent of being Michael Jordan. Neither she, her husband nor any of their children are hopeless alcoholics or habitual solvent sniffers. This is so rare, even among the most refined of Alaskan Society, as to be almost without precedent. There is a rumor going around that her youngest son is really the child of her daughter. Do they really think to use this against her? If true, I can't think of a more selfless, loving, generous act, of a mother for her daughter. If it wasn't for Snuffy McCain, I might vote for her on that basis alone.

The Anchorage area, where she lives, is becoming pretty suburban but is not far removed from the recent pioneering past. She might have some attitudes about conservation, pollution, mineral extraction and ecological preservation that seem pretty loose to those in the lower 48 but they're mainstream for Alaska. Likewise her attitudes on social issues. They probably aren't quite ready for Gay marriage up there but I understand they provide full rights and benefits for domestic partnership. She makes a point of being "pro life" but I haven't ever seen a quote where she says she wants to outlaw abortion. Her statements seem to be made as personal beliefs. Who cannot respect that? Alaska is a very diverse society, perhaps not in the same way as some other parts of the country but individual rights and personal philosophies are highly prized there and the population goes heavily armed, more or less all the time. If you want to live long in Alaska, you'd best tread lightly on the personal prerogatives of others. That's the main component of "Right to Life", in Alaska.

The political process, where ever it takes place, usually ends up bringing a certain amount of control and conformity to those governed. It's not easy being a politician in Alaska. The rules are different there. The opportunities for politicians to steal from the federal government and the kickbacks from corporate exploiters are huge but the citizens demand that the proceeds be divided up and shared out to each. That must be devastating for the politicians. I hope Sarah can hit the ground running, the learning curve in a national campaign, sharing the ticket with someone like John McCain, will be parabolic.

Whether or not she is able to benefit the campaign of John McCain is yet to be seen. While to do so would not be difficult, if she does not, it will certainly not reflect badly on her abilities. It's late to be entering the game and the team for which she has been picked is lacking in strength, skill, style and advantage.

One last thing. A lot is being made about her not having enough experience to be Vice President. Total bullshit. Anyone with any experience should be disqualified from holding public office. Professional politicians have brought our country to ruin and our population to discord. In a democracy, those issues which cannot be decided by plebiscite should be debated by legislative bodies, the members of which, are decided by the drawing of lots. I'm sure you'd get the occasional pain in the ass but nothing like we have now.


beebs said...

Your writing is exceptional. I'm a political maven and have come to the conclusion that McCain picked Palin to try to defuse the women's vote in the coming electoral slaughter.

Blacks will vote for Obama. That's a given.

Mexican Americans, I don't know how they will break to.

Women would have voted for the "cute" and trendy candidate. But Palin is a real unknown.

I figure we'll know more after the Republican convention, and after Gustav hits New Orleans again.

Something I read about McCain's grandfather from wiki:

"By war's end in August 1945, the stress of combat operations had worn McCain down to a weight of only 100 pounds. He requested home leave to recuperate but Halsey insisted that he be present at the Japanese surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay, Japan on September 2, 1945. Departing immediately after the ceremony, McCain died of a heart attack at his home in Coronado, California on September 6, 1945. He was posthumously promoted to full admiral.

If you really want to reef your sails, do a search on McCain and Songbird.


Anonymous said...
is a site I follow for up to date projections of the national race.

I get a california news feed for local news.