Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama Needs The Guy That Can Make 'Em Squeal Like A Pig, Not The Guy With A Pretty Mouth

All the Networks are confirming that Barak Obama has chosen Joseph Biden of Delaware to be his running mate. Good luck with that one, Barak. Biden has been in the Senate since Obama was a little boy and is one of the lions of the Senate. Is he prepared to play Gabby Hayes to Obama's John Wayne? Cuz that's the only way this thing is gonna work. This is not a match made in Heaven. Or maybe it's a brilliant move. What do I know? Only time will tell.

If Barak really wanted to go that deep, he maybe should have tapped Bobby Byrd from West Virgina. Talk about balancing the ticket. Byrd is about a hundred and fifty years old, an old Kluxxer and a common conception of his constituents in West Virginia is that they all have six toes, squint and play the banjo like the little boy from Deliverance. Some think that the only reason he is still a Democrat, is that most West Virginians are on welfare, now that the mines are shut down. Many go to church on Sunday, roll around on the floor, talk in tongues and handle venomous serpents. Byrd can deliver the "values" voters that the Republicans now control and Barak needs to win.

There was some talk that he would pick Chet Edwards, a Congressman from Waco, Texas. That would have been good. Keep the ticket young. Help him in the Southwest. He could have gone with Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico. Still young enough, Southwestern, Hispanic. Even better. There was Katherine Sebilious, Governor of Kansas. Once again, age appropriate. Good geographics and demographics. Might assuage some of Hilliary's harridans in a concession to the angry, older female vote. A fella could go on and on.

The bottom line is, that you don't invite people out to the first hunt of the season and then trot out the same old dog. Obama can still win this race but it seems like he's going out of the way to stack the deck against himself. Biden is a fine man. Intelligent, intellectual, experienced and on the right side of every issue. He is everything that Republican candidates pretend to be and never are. The problem is, that every one of his partisans is already going to vote for Obama. In that respect, even Hilliary would have been a better choice. Biden could be suited to the role of the seasoned, silent power behind the throne, a la Dick Cheney. I'm pretty sure that's not what Obama is seeking. The choice of a Vice President can bring you many things. I wonder what it is that Obama thinks Biden will bring him. Maybe he has a good reason for choosing him. Maybe he'll tell us.

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