Monday, August 04, 2008

Why all the Hatred and Gratuitous Obscenity?

Lefty web sites can be informative but let's face it, most of what you see on political blogs, left or right is derivative at best. It isn't very often that you find original thought or primary reportage. I try for originality of thought but really, I'm not all that bright and since I don't much go anywhere, my capacity for primary reportage is limited to my little corner of suburbia. Oh well, we all do what we can.

Lefty culture in America has been in decline since the '60s. Its adherrents have aged badly and sunk into impotency. There is still plenty of blame and outrage but precious little naked hatred couched in gratuitous obscenity, which has always been one of the Left's proudest traditions. The fundo fascists and neocon bulletheads have no problem with naked hatred and obscenity is an integral part of their core being.

Soon after starting this blog, I decided that there needed to be more balance on the left side of the blogosphere, requiring that I go easy on the pain and outrage and ramp up the obscenity laced hatred. Besides that, it lowers my blood pressure and really makes me feel good. Since I have almost no regular readers and the average visit is in the low, single digit second range, that's an important consideration.

Enjoy the blog!

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