Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's All About Change And That's Not A good Thing

The party conventions loom but the campaigns are already well underway. The Republicans worry that radical terrorists will disrupt their Twin Cities gathering. The city of Denver has converted a downtown warehouse into a booking and holding center in anticipation of Democratic angst. Oh please. The conventions, both of them, will be snorers. Neither candidate has any business running for President. The best you can say for them is that they were the least crippled specimen born in a bad litter.

The United States is a great country but it has lost its way. It and it's government are heading for a fall. Everybody knows it. You can feel it. In the wind. In the streets. Around the dinner table. Everybody has an opinion about what's going to happen but nobody knows. They only know that what we do now, isn't going to matter. People go to work. They come home. They spend time with their families. These aren't good times but people know, instinctively, that these are the best times we are likely to have. Maybe for a long time to come.

I'm not talkin' the Four Horseman here. The apocalypse is not at hand. You probably don't need the guns, ammo and emergency food supplies you have down in the basement. On the other hand, if it makes you sleep better at night, it couldn't hurt.

The government, politicians, elections? If I thought any of that mattered, I'd probably care more.

I'm just waiting. Just like everybody else.

Wake me when the curtain comes up and the show starts.

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beebs said...

I can hardly wait for the conventions. "They" make so many promises that "they" cannot keep it is amusing.
I guess Hillary is going to have a floor vote to indicate to all us viewers her support. I don't think Obama will pick her as a VP.
I guess I should read up on Barack's positions on health care, for example. I can hardly wait until it is free for all. I wonder how we can pay for it.