Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Requiem For Some Heavyweights Or Maybe They're Just Big Sacks Of Shit

The Clintons are doing an especially nice job of pretending that they like Barak. Why wouldn't they? They always do a nice job of pretending they like each other. Nobody believes that either.

After the convention, unless there is something in it for them and I don't believe there is, you won't see them on the campaign trail again this cycle. It's true that the DNC has been very, very good to a certain little family from Arkansas. Bill wouldn't have made that one hundred million since he left office without them. Hillary's Senate seat was a total gift. Chelsea got to go to Stanford and has a bright future ahead of her. These things are all in the past. It's now a case of what have you done for me lately. I don't see Barak as being that generous towards them, do you?

Bill's days of being the elder statesman of the Party are over. Hillary won't be back in four or eight years, no matter who is the next President. She's never going to be let into the Senate leadership. She will get some good committee appointments but not chairmanships. She may well become the Bella Abzug of her generation. WHOPPEE! Or maybe not. Bella was smart, as well as ruthless and mean.

Chelsea seems like a nice young woman. I wish her luck. Truly.

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