Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Didn't Even Notice Hillary Was Bleeding, Long Live The Queen

The pundits are saying that the third day of the Democratic convention was anti climactic. I don't know what they are talking about. I thought it was one of the greatest exhibitions of political knife fighting I have ever witnessed.

Hillary Clinton, in return for her promise of unqualified support for Barak Obama, extracted a promise from the DNC that her name would be placed in nomination for the Presidency and that a roll call vote would follow. She would then be able to show the convention and the World, how close she had come to a primary victory, especially with Florida and Michigan voting all their delegates.

Her hopes were dashed. It quickly became apparent that Nancy Pelosi had stacked the deck against her. One by one the States voted with most of Clinton's delegates having been suborned by their State's party leaders into casting their votes for Obama. The party leaders of California, with the largest block of votes committed to Clinton holding solidarity, simply passed, rather than give Hillary their votes. Hillary had to quickly maneuver to halt the vote and personally call for acceptance of Obama into candidacy by acclamation. From the Cheshire cat grins on the faces of every major elected official in the State of New York, who surrounded her, as she was personally made to call for this acclamation, in the midst of her home delegation, on the convention floor and the same big grin on the face of Nancy Pelosi, who summarily took over the podium during the event, it was evident things had gone exactly as they had planned, from the beginning.

Hillary Clinton likes to think she is tough, when in truth, she simply has no regard for others or respect for the political process. People are fooled by Nancy Pelosi's brittle seeming affect. It wasn't a case of people commenting how natural Hillary looked at her funeral, they didn't even know she was dead, until it was time to lower her into the cold ground of a pauper's grave. Nancy kept smiling and daintily tossed in the first handful of dirt . You got to love and admire a politician with that kind of a skill set. I hope her tenure as Speaker of the House is long but either way, it will be colorful. She has a style all her own.

It was a good day today.

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beebs said...

On the conspiracy sites, Jeff Rense, they're saying that Obama was born in Kenya. If true, that would really throw a spanner in the reduction gears.