Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Roller Queen Scores, Biden Bores. The Tongue Talker Finds Her Voice.

The Republican attacks on Ifill worked. She asked vague, softball questions. The Roller Queen couldn't even answer those, she read canned policy off note cards, nobody called her on it. She didn't melt down, that was a big surprise. It's enough.

Palin insists that a McCain/Palin administration will be different than a Bush administration but doesn't say how. She continues to harp on the same old cut taxes theme. She makes no mention of how she will cut spending commensurate with taxes. She continues to support huge war spending and economic bailouts, with no cuts in entitlements. She insists that Drill, Baby, Drill will solve our energy woes. Alaska has enough oil for all. This is the same formula that gave us 5 trillion in new debt, under the Bush administration and has left our economy bankrupt.

She didn't answer any of the questions, didn't even address most of them. Doesn't matter. She wasn't as mean as at the convention. She wasn't as stupid as she has appeared during recent interviews. That isn't saying much. She was plenty mean and plenty stupid. She was folksy and colloquial but said nothing. She's a maverick. She's a reformer. Not a retard. Definitely, definitely, not a retard. This was much more than the McCain campaign could hope for. I hope you got your fill of her. McCain will lock her up now. Nothing more unscripted. No more debates. No more interviews. They will try to make the Roller Queen into a Stepford Wife. Will it work? We'll see.

Biden made sense. Answered the questions as asked. Proved he was on top of the topics. Tore McCain's record in the Senate apart. Spoke emotionally of personal insights. Doesn't matter, nobody cares about Joe. He's not young. He's not Hillary.

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