Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I feel so used

This is going to be a stupid post. I don't care. About 40 years ago this TV show came on called Family. It was a very appealing show and so were the characters. The two daughters on the show were played by Meredith Baxter and Kristy McNichol. I thought they were both very cute. Kristy McNichol was maybe 5 years younger than I was and Meredith Baxter was maybe 5 years older. I didn't consider Kristy age appropriate at that time so I didn't lust after her but I went ahead and lusted after Meredith Baxter. Since then, she has always been one of my favorite actresses and I've always thought she was very sexy.

Now, there was never really much chance that I would even ever be in the same County as Miss Baxter, much less get a chance to fuck her but lust is lust. A boy has to have something to fill his empty hours.

So several months ago Meredith Baxter announces she's a lesbian. Since then, whenever I think of her I feel ashamed and unclean, like I did something wrong. You know, lusting after a lesbian. I feel like I should have known, somehow. Kristy McNichol announced she was a lesbian many years ago. That has never bothered me, because even though I found her, if anything, even more attractive than Meredith, I had chosen never to lust after her.

Man, we really fuck ourselves up over the stupidest things, don't we. At least I do. I guess I can get over it.

I wonder if Sada Thompson was Gay?

Update: I received a comment challenging whether Kristy McNichol had ever come out as a lesbian. I could find no documentation that she had. I was wrong. Sorry. It's not the first time for me on that count. I honestly thought I remembered her doing it. I won't blame it on getting old. I've never been one of those eidetic memory guys. My brain paints with a pretty broad brush and always has.

If Kristy ever reads this blog, I would like to take this opportunity to beg her forgiveness, even though I doubt it will ever be required. She's not a regular visitor.


Cheryl Meril said...

Kristy McNichol never announced she was a lesbian!!! Please provide a source.

reddog said...

You're right, Cheryl. I can find no documentation for Kristy having ever come out.

I was sure I remembered that she had. I'm sure I'm wrong about that. My apologies to you and of course, Kristy.

Nereus said...

Reddog, Love the theme on the blog. The Chicks, the dead MG, Old home week for this redneck. Still keeping up with your outlook on our world. Not going to call you wrong or right, we all have our opinion. For the most part, I agree with some, disagree with others and ignore what I really hate. But that is the American way. Or should be.
As far as the adolescent crush, take a shower and get over it. I can't count to number of women who put themselves in film or on TV that I didn't take with the help of some Jergen's and tissues.
MTV for me didn't always represent Music Television during the afternoon dance hour program.


reddog said...


I'm proud you come by and read my blog sometimes. You are very diplomatic. I don't mind if you come right out and say you think I'm full of shit a lot of the time. I won't even argue about it. It takes all kinds and everybody has his niche to fill. If there were no Captain's Masts, it would detract from the authority of the position. Can't have that.

I always try to do my small part in the greater scheme of things.

See'ya on down the Pike, shipmate.

irony air poet said...

I LOVE "Family". I love Sada Thompson even more. In response to your query as to whether she, too, might be gay, in fact, she has been married to her husband Don Stewart for 61 years. I guess her marriage COULD be an elaborate cover-up, but I doubt it:)

Nereus said...

We are both full of shit all the time just due to the fact of our heritage. Growing up working class and being tarheels in the USofN's Submarine force.
I can respect the opinion of another old salt no matter how wild because I know he has put the sweat equity into life and seen things first hand that would make most in the intellectual class throw up their lunch all the way back from kindergarten if they were to run across it.