Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quayle Season in Arizona

What did you think of Dan Quayle. I was damn glad he was never President. I always liked his wife Marilyn. She was a hard core holy roller but seemed smart, sensible and willing to get along with everybody. That may not be true. I may have just thought she was sexy. Men project things on pretty girls.

Dan and Marilyn have a son, Ben who is going to run for Congress in Arizona. He was the youngest of their two sons. I remember the oldest one. His name was Tucker. He always seemed like a pretty nice kid. I don't have any clear memories of Ben. He's a lawyer and a venture capitalist like his father. I went on his campaign website. He's real wiry and tousled, like a young Kennedy and he's got an equally slim, tanned, attractive wife. Other than that, it's hard to tell anything about him except he's not a fan of the present government.

I think they should have run Tucker. He speaks Chinese, lived there for a few years and married a girl from Shanghai. A kid like that could run the tables for the GOP.

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