Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Light Her Up!

The oil slick from that uncontained well a mile deep and 49 miles South of the Louisiana coast will soon wash ashore, to the detriment of local fisheries and wetlands.

They have a plan to contain it though. They're going to light it up and burn it off. How will they put it out? That well is leaking 45,000 barrels of crude a day. At least that's what they're reporting.


Roughneck Gary said...

It's not 45,000 barrels. It's 45,000 gallons.

I barrel = 42 gallons.

So they are talking about 1000 barrels.

And the oil is a lighter grade which means some of it will evaporate from the sun's heat while on the surface.

reddog said...

my mistake, I'm glad it's less than I thought.

Anonymous said...

not to worry it's light sweet crude so when it gets to the beach it will evaporate in the sun.